What’s the impact of drones in corporate cybersecurity?

The rapid evolvement of AI and battery systems democratized the use of drones among the general public. Besides the wonderful aerial footage and economic opportunities, there is also a significant impact on privacy and security.
Governments are heavily investing to protect the airspace for physical threats.
But what impact can a drone have in a corporate and cyber environment ?
Follow me in this session and let’s explore what technologies such as RF fingerprinting and Software defined radios can help your business.


Thomas founded Eomnia in 2008 which is specialized telecom and IT services in harsh and remote environments. Besides the full IT architecture of the Belgian Antarctic station, Eomnia also offered services to several Fortune 100 companies. With this unique expertise, Thomas also founded “Senhive” in 2019 which is specialized in “AI on the edge” hardware and communication systems, such as drone and wildfire detection platforms.

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