Speakers & Workshops

Please meet our speakers, their company and speakerslot for the third edition of the Belgian Cyber Security Convention!

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Alberto Di Felice

Senior Policy Manager for Infrastructure, Privacy and Security @ Digital Europe

Towards European Cybersecurity

Governance & practices

Jerco Veltjen

Security Engineer @ Tenable

Predictive Prioritization


Tijl Deneut

Researcher and lecturer @ Howest University College

The importance of industrial security for Industry 4.0

Technology & innovation

Mika Lauhde

Vice-President, Cyber Security & Privacy, Global Public Affairs and Communication @ Huawei Technologies

Cyber security and A.I. – practices to defend algorithms

Governance & practice

Prof. Dr. Martina Angela Sasse Freng

Professor of Human-Centred Security @ Ruhr University Bochum in Germany

Unite and conquer – a collaborative approach to cyber security


David Callebaut

Managing partner @ Infosentry



Kurt Callewaert

Lector / Research manager @ Howest University of Applied Sciences

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies – Security risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Technology & innovation

Inti De Ceukelaire

Head of hackers @ Intigriti

Go hack yourself: how your company can benefit from working with ethical hackers.

Jan Tobias Muehlberg

Researcher: Software Security, Automated Software Verification, Embedded Systems @ Kuleuven


Technology & innovation

Saad Kadhi

Head @ CERT.EU

Disturbance: the Sorry State of Cybersecurity and What we can do About it

Pascal Steichen



Governance & Practices

Eddy Willems

Security Evangelist @ Gdata

My Son and I: 3 decades of cybersecurity differences!

Technology and innovation