Speakers & Workshops 2019

Please meet our speakers, their company and speakerslot for the third edition of the Belgian Cyber Security Convention!

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Kurt Ceuppens

Managing Director @ NVISO

How to properly manage a cyber security incident and stay in business


Raf De Leu

IT Manager @ Torfs

A 360 degrees overview of Cyber Security: see how this shoe fits Schoenen Torfs

Governance & Practices

Barry Butler

Product Evangelist @ Outpost24

The economics of penetration testing in the new threat landscape

Technology & Innovation

Koen Druyts

Partner @ CyberContract

Cyber insurance : A strong ally to mitigate cyber risks

Governance & Practices

Miguel Pieters

Cybersecurity Expert @ Darktrace

Discover Darktrace Threat Visualizer and Autonomous Response

Platforms & Tools

Bernard Gallant

Cybersecurity Expert @ Darktrace

The Future Impact of AI on Cyber Crime and the Shift to Self-Learning Self-Defending Networks

Technology & Innovation

Thomas Petracca

Co-founder / Network Architect @ Senhive

What’s the impact of drones in corporate cybersecurity?

Technology & Innovation

Jan De Blauwe

Chief Security Officer @ BNP Paribas Fortis

Opening Belgian Cyber Security Convention

Opening Belgian Cyber Security Convention

Jeroen Hekelaar

Senior Sales Engineer @ Infinigate / SonicWall

Cyber Arms Race vs Platform Security

Technology & Innovation

Christian Voigt

Technical Sales Consultant @ Entrust Datacard

The Evolution Of Intelligent Identity

Technology & Innovation

David Gold

Product Owner, Detection and Response @ Verizon

Defense in Depth: Key Learnings for Achieving Detection and Response Everywhere

Technology & Innovation

Professor Georges Ataya

Academic Director @ Solvay Brussels School, Partner @ Ataya & partners, Chairman of the Convention Program Committee

Body of knowledge and Competences Assessment for Cybersecurity professionals

Governance & Practices

Bert Bleukx

Head of Department Cybersecurity KBC @ KBC Bank & Assurance

The Seven Deadly Sins and Virtues of Cybersecurity


Yves Looverie

Marketing Director and Product Line Manager CyberLab @ Thales Belgium

Protect your business – Control your Cyber (in)vulnerability

Platforms & Tools

Kiarash Jafari

Regional Sales Manager Benelux @ Cynet

Autonomous Breach Protection

Technology & Innovation

Martijn Claes

Ethical Hacker & Advisor @ Eurofins Digital Testing Belgium

(in)secure passwords – You have been logged out because you signed in from another device.

Technology & Innovation

Philippe Michiels

CISO @ Tobania

Securing Hybrid Cloud environments

Technology & Innovation

Alexandre Pluvinage

Head of Human Security at ING BE and DBNL @ ING BE

Create your cybersecurity strategy


Kurt Berghs

Sales Manager Benelux @ Trustbuilder

How Policy Based CIAM can Improve the Customer Journey

Technology & Innovation

Sean Willems

Modern Cybersecurity Specialist @ Accel – Sophos

How a single IT vulnerability could bring down your entire organisation. What’s next?

Technology & Innovation

Bart Asnot

Security & Compliance Technical Advisor @ Microsoft

Integrated Cyber Security as an enabler, not a CISO’s worst nightmare

Governance & Practices

Miguel De Bruycker

Managing Director @ Centre for Cyber Security Belgium

The evolving Cyber Threat and our responses


Patrick Grillo

Senior Director, Solutions Marketing @ Fortinet

SD-WAN Transforms to Secure SD-WAN – Taking Software Defined One Step Beyond

Technology & Innovation

Jurgen Van Eynde

Microsoft Security Lead @ Synergics

Also taking your Security for granted?

Governance & Practices

Lennart Pikaart

Benelux Sales Director @ BitSight

Manage 3rd party IT security risk at scale

Technology & innovation

Quentin Roulier

Privacy Solutions Engineer @ OneTrust

The Data Breach vs. The Ethics Breach: How to Prepare for Both

Compliance & Legal

Mark Ryan

Director – Product Development @ Zscaler

How to build trust, starting with identity

Technology & Innovation

Jan Populaire

Security Awareness & Culture Manager @ BNP Paribas Fortis

How to make your staff safer and limit human risks


Alberto Di Felice

Senior Policy Manager for Infrastructure, Privacy and Security @ Digital Europe

Towards European Cybersecurity

Governance & practices

Mikael Rosander

Security Engineer @ Tenable

Predictive Prioritization

Technology & Innovation

Tijl Deneut

Researcher and lecturer @ Howest University College

The importance of industrial security for Industry 4.0

Technology & innovation

Mika Lauhde

Vice-President, Cyber Security & Privacy, Global Public Affairs and Communication @ Huawei Technologies

Cyber security and A.I. – practices to defend algorithms

Governance & practice

Prof. Dr. Martina Angela Sasse Freng

Professor of Human-Centred Security @ Ruhr University Bochum in Germany

Unite and conquer – a collaborative approach to cyber security

Governance & Practices

David Callebaut

Managing partner @ Infosentry

#EpicFail: Why incidents still happen

Governance & practices

Kurt Callewaert

Lector / Research manager @ Howest University of Applied Sciences

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies – Security risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Technology & innovation

Inti De Ceukelaire

Head of hackers @ Intigriti

Go hack yourself: how your company can benefit from working with ethical hackers.

Technology & Innovation

Jan Tobias Muehlberg

Researcher: Software Security, Automated Software Verification, Embedded Systems @ Kuleuven

Trusted Execution Environments and how far to trust them

Technology & innovation

Saad Kadhi

Head @ CERT.EU

Disturbance: the Sorry State of Cybersecurity and What we can do About it

Technology & innovation

Pascal Steichen


20 years of Cybersecurity in Luxembourg “Lessons learned and good practices from the ecosystem.”

Governance & Practices

Eddy Willems

Security Evangelist @ Gdata

My Son and I: 3 decades of cybersecurity differences!

Technology and innovation