Sebastien Deleersnyder

CEO, Toreon

Seba is co-founder and CEO of Toreon. He is a well known figure in security in Belgium and a much requested speaker at security fora. Seba was the founder of the Belgian OWASP chapter and a proponant of application security as a holistic endeavour.

With a background in development and many years of experience in security, he has trained countless developers to create software more securely. He has lead OWASP projects such as OpenSAMM, thereby truly making the world a little bit safer. Now he is adapting application security models to the evolving field of devops and is also focused on bringing Threat Modeling to a wider audience.



Security in Devopsalways-secure software

The existing models for application security are mature and useful. But application development is changing and so must application security. There is no time to wait for security to catch up. Software is always-ready-to-deploy, so it must also be always-secure. This talk focuses on how to do security in devops environments.


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