How a single IT vulnerability could bring down your entire organisation. What’s next?

The manual response time for a security incident according to Gartner amounts to up to 3 hours. So please take a moment and think of one question: what damage could hackers cause to your organisation in 3 hours if they remained undetected? Many organizations have already encountered one or two cyberattacks on their network yearly. 83% of IT managers say malware threats are getting harder to stop compared to last year. Why? Cybercriminals connect multiple techniques in their assault on your network, yet most security products still operate in isolation. It’s time to evolve!


Sean Willems is a leading Sophos cyber-security and treat-prevention specialist who worked for different vendors and distributors across various leading industries. In his years of experience he learned that one single vulnerability to exploit is all an hacker needs to cause devastating effects across your entire organisation. So how do you stay one step ahead?

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