Disturbance: the Sorry State of Cybersecurity and What we can do About it

Infosec research abounds. Cybersecurity papers, blogs and conferences continue exposing new vulnerabilities, describing best practices or showcasing new tools and techniques. Yet, we are not making any true impact. In this presentation, we’ll compare past and present trends of the threat landscape and explore how we can reframe the messages we’ve been conveying for so many years. It’s time we address the core problem from a different perspective.


Saâd Kadhi has over 20 years of cybersecurity experience. Since 2008, he dedicated himself to incident response, digital forensics and cyber threat intelligence. He built and managed two CSIRTs before joining CERT-EU. Saâd is the founder of TheHive Project and a co-organiser of the Botconf conference. He spoke and gave workshops at several conferences such as FIRST, NorthSec and Hack.lu.

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