A 360 degrees overview of Cyber Security: see how this shoe fits Schoenen Torfs

Digital innovation is at the heart of Torfs. Since 2012 their digital journey started with the launch of an e-commerce platform. Since then investments have been made in technologies like real time stock communication, 3D foot scanners, big kiosk screens as a successful omnichannel solution, free wifi for the customers, voice over wifi and many more.
These technologies require a strong and robust network where cyber security is becoming increasingly important. Protecting the network with just perimeter firewalls is not sufficient. In addition traditional antivirus scanners put a heavy strain on resources and are rather slow in detecting zero-day or even zero-hour attacks. Furthermore, they struggle to keep up to date with the latest release of their software version and definition updates. Find out how Torfs armed themselves against these challenges.


Raf De Leu is a progressive, innovative and technical mastermind with a strong passion for IT. He started his career as an IT engineer at SBAT (vehicle inspection and driver license centres). After 5 years he moved to Schoenen Torfs and became a driving force in the IT team. He grew the team to 15 people making it today the largest team within the company. Raf is the IT manager and carries responsibility for infrastructure, network & security, development, vendor and partner selection and negotiation. He is a strong believer of having the IT knowledge inhouse as this allows his team to react efficiently and real time in the demanding retail world that is mainly dominated by online business. Torfs has pursued its omnichannel approach successfully for the last 5 years, which dictates cyber security to be one of their top priorities. Traditional security solutions are not sufficient anymore to keep pace with the modern threat landscape. Investing in new AI based tools for behavioural detection and deep log file analysis that directly connect to next gen firewalls is therefore key in arming Torfs against zero day attacks.

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