The Data Breach vs. The Ethics Breach: How to Prepare for Both

In today’s age of 72-hour breach reporting and the 24/7 news cycle, data breaches seem like a daily headline. While consumers may no longer be shocked by their data being lost or stolen, the way in which an incident occurs can impact the level of reputational damage following an breach. Stakeholders are understanding the difference between a data breach that may occur from a security flaw and an “ethics breach,” where a company was careless with personal information or sought to capitalize on the improper use of data. In this session, we’ll review case studies from recent breaches and analyze which situations qualify as an “ethics breach.” We’ll also handout an incident and breach toolkit, including tips to avoid the catastrophe of an ethics breach violation in your company.

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Third-Party Risks Aren’t Static: Monitoring Tips and Tactics

In today’s shifting security and regulatory environment, ongoing third-party monitoring is crucial to compliance success. But how do you keep up with a constantly changing and growing list of vendors? This session will outline the keys to third-party risk management success through a modern approach to monitoring vendors.


Quentin Roulier serves as a Privacy Solutions Engineer at OneTrust – the largest and most widely used dedicated privacy management technology platform to operationalize privacy, security and third-party risk management. In his role, Quentin advises companies large and small on EU GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Brazil LGPD, and hundreds of the world’s privacy laws, focused on formulating efficient and effective responses to data protection requirements as well as building and scaling privacy programs. Quentin is a Certified Information Privacy Professional with his CIPP/E and CIPM.

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