Body of knowledge and Competences Assessment for Cybersecurity professionals

Cybersecurity knowledge includes around 200 functional activity broken into various categories and requiring more than a thousand individual task capability plus some require knowledge, tasks and abilities. In parallel, there are more than ten renown professional certificates that are not directly linked to those. How to find your way in the struggle for knowledge that becomes essential to advance your career.

Whether you are a consultant, a manager or a technical expert, the planification of your career depends on your access to competences and the ability to effective applying them.
Georges shall present actions to enrich your competences, allow for a life-long learning concept. He shall also give free access to the Cybersecurity Assessment tool.


Professor, founder and Academic Director of Digital and information security management at SBS-EM;
Co-Founder and Vice president of the Belgian Cybersecurity Coalition; Co-founder of the DPO Circle; Member of the Advisory Board: Agoria, BECI, CIONET, ISACA, and the Belgian Cybersecurity Coalition; Managing Director Ataya & partners advisory firm;
Past International Vice President at ISACA; Past Partner Ernst & Young;
Georges participated in the development of the CISM and CGEIT credentials, the COBIT and VALIT frameworks and the GDPR professionals’ body of knowledge.

Governance & Practices