Olivier Menil

Detect: past, present, future or how a better detection will help to get to a better prevention

Detection is the extraction of particular information from a larger stream of information without specific cooperation from or synchronization with the sender. The art of detection, also known as following clues, is the work of a detective in attempting to reconstruct a sequence of events by identifying the relevant information in a situation. Since the beginning of Cybersecurity detection is a key component of an effective strategy to fight against threats. The goals of this presentation are:

  1. To define clearly detection
  2.  To explain how it evolved and will continue to do so
  3. How detection will help the prevention part of the Cybersecurity strategy which is more a traversal component of the NIST model.



Olivier Ménil spent the last 20 years in the security world being part of the most influent integrators and cybersecurity vendors. With a strong technological background in the perimeter security he successfully moved from a technical consulting position to different management roles as technical director or security business development manager. He quickly understood the importance of the cybersecurity and specialized in that domain. Known for his integrity and honesty he is regularly consulted as a trusted advisor. Married and father of three adorable children; he lives near Brussels and enjoy playing tennis and mountain biking during his free time.




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