Cyber security and A.I. – practices to defend algorithms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the engine of change for the future of industries across the world, but AI-triggered change has just begun! How do we face the challenges for cyber security to protect AI from attack? At Huawei, security starts with our values and beliefs. Although infrastructure enabling Artificial Intelligence may be subject to physical attack, natural disaster, and traditional cyberattacks – AI algorithms face attacks that specifically target this technology. When it comes to cyber security, we do more to build trust in digital infrastructures and technologies, like 5G and AI. During this session, Huawei Global Vice-President of Cyber Security & Privacy Protection, Mika Lauhde, will discuss the latest developments in AI and cybersecurity.


Mika Lauhde leads public relations team to understand and provide insight of governments cyber security and privacy policy, public opinions, threads, technologies, laws, regulations, inside informations, situation and trends. Prior joining Huawei he worked in SSH Communications Security as VP, Government Relations and Business Development. In Nokia Corporation, Mika Lauhde headed Business Security and Continuity, where he was accountable globally Government Relations in Cybersecurity and Privacy area, Criminal compliancy and forensic, Nokia wide crisis management as well terminal and manufacturing related security tool manufacturing. Currently he is a Member of ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) Permanent Stakeholder Group and Europol Cyber security and privacy adviser as well Senior Fellow, Maastricht University, Faculty of Law, Centre of Data protection and Cyber Security (2017-)

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