The evolving Cyber Threat and our responses

How is the Cyber Threat evolving, who are the new actors on the field and what are their new tactics and techniques to attack us?
This threat landscape is evolving extremely fast and our defenses and the way we collaborate is not keeping up this pace.
We must urgently and collectively change our way of thinking about the internet and make sure that we maintain the balance between the open an free internet and protecting this critical environment.


Miguel De Bruycker studied at the Royal Military School and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. After writing a dissertation on Cyber Defence in 2005, he joined the General Intelligence and Security Service and was responsible for the security of classified networks and the creation of the first cybersecurity unit of the Belgian Defence. Since 2008 , he and his cyberteam are involved in the processing of all major cyber incidents in Belgium. On August 17, 2015 , he became Managing Director of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium.