How to build trust, starting with identity

Historically, hub & spoke networks with rigid security boundaries have protected users and applications. In a cloud centric world, users can work anywhere with a wifi/4G connection and access applications in the cloud and physical datacenters. How do we protect users, applications and data from attack? This keynote will cover;

  • How to build trust based on identity.
  • How visibility is key to build a security policy.
  • How to apply a risk based policy to user application access.

Second Speaker Slot

Secure Application Migration to the Cloud

As organisations migrate applications to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), how do we ensure security and segmentation of users and data. This workshop will run through the challenges organisations face, and how to use a Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) model to embed security into the architecture.
A demonstration of application migration from physical DC to AWS & Azure will show how a multi-cloud approach can be achieved securely, without the need for point-to-point network connections.


Mark Ryan has over 20 years experience in Internet/Computer Security. Mark is currently responsible for Zscaler’s complex architectures globally, enabling customers to transform application access security and migrate applications to cloud platforms. Mark has previously managed the pre-sales technical team for Zscaler in EMEA, and been responsible for the Managed Service Provider technical relationships. Prior to Zscaler, Mark was responsible for technical sales for Managed/Internet Service Providers at BlueCoat Systems for 6 years. Mark was previously at HSBC CIBM, responsible for External Services and Web Security. Mark Ryan graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science.

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