Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies – Security risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems are used for managing data and
records across wide range of applications and use cases, including smart contracts. Properly
designed and implemented, the blockchain/DLT solutions provide several desirable security
features such as integrity and authenticity of data stored, as well as preservation of the
sequence of events. In some of the DLT use cases, security risks and vulnerabilities may
potentially lead to significant financial and social consequences.


Kurt Callewaert (Master Mathematics) is a lecturer and research coordinator for Applied Informatics at HOWEST. He is responsible for the well-known education Computer & Cyber Crime Professional. Kurt and his team are researching Blockchain, Cyber Security (including Industrial Security), Data Protection (GDPR) and AI. Kurt is a member of the Cyber Security Coalition vzw and a founding member of the Beltug Blockchain Task Force.

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