KIrill Kasavchenko

Principal Engineer, NetScout Arbor

Kirill Kasavcheno is Principal Security Technologist in the office of the CTO in NETSCOUT Arbor. Kirill has 14 years of experience in various post and presales roles dealing with telecom operators and large enterprises in more than 30 countries of Europe, Middle East, Russia and CIS. His areas of interest are network design and network security at a large scale. In the CTO team, Kirill focuses on emerging technologies and global research projectsapplying his expertise in routing and protocol analysis to find new ways for NETSCOUT Arbor to protect customers’ networksKirill holds B.S. and M.S. with honours in Computer Sciences from the Saint-Petersburg University of IT, Mechanics and Optics as well as a number of industry certifications including Cisco CCIE. Prior to joining Arbor in 2011 he spent seven years in different positions ranging from network technician to chief engineer at systems integrators and network infrastructure vendors.


DDoS landscape in 2018: Welcome to the Terabit Era

In 2018, there was a dramatic increase of large-scale, high-impact DDoS attacks targeting Enterprises and network infrastructure. These attacks were implemented by taking advantage of insecure IoT devices and vulnerabilities in open source software. This presentation will cover the details of these attacks and provide recommendations for better mitigation strategies.

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