Nicolas Noël en Adriaan Neijzen

Hacking Experience // Take part of the targeted attack, learn how it happens in real life

The Hacking Experience is an interactive hacking demo that simulates a targeted attack, threat intelli-gence led, in themodern killchain, showcasing how companies and people get breached today. Join the role-playing game to learn how to attack HexpNRG, our fictitious utility company. 

You get to decide how to perform the attack by behaving as a member of an advanced hacking adversary and test your defence and response skills to try to save the company. Come to see our malware in action in a game that will raise your security awareness and grant the participants a great overview of both the modern day threat landscape and the methods that are increasingly being deployed by advanced adversaries.

Nicolas Noël
Nicolas Noël  is a manager working in the Cyber and Privacy practice. For several years, Nicolas is supporting various CISO in their activities, helping them closing the gap between security management and the technical security teams. In addition, Nicolas is also managing security assessments for various customers, acting as a point of contact and making sure that the concerns of the customer security team are adequately answered by the PwC teams. He holds the CISSP, GIAC GMOB, CEH and CCSK certifications.

Adriaan Neijzen
Adriaan Neijzen is a Senior Associate within PwC Belgium’s Cyber & Privacy department. As a final year Master’s student Adriaan was very interested in Information Security. He has a solid economic background due to his undergraduate studies, during which his interest in Information Security was born when he was confronted with presentations given at major security conferences. During his career with PwC, Adriaan has developed a strong interest in testing networks and infrastructure and has gained experience in social engineering, external threat-analysis, application testing and network intrusion testing and the assessment of VoIP deployments. He also holds a GIAC GPEN certification. 

Adriaan has given Hacking Experience sessions in front of international audiences consisting of 100 to 1200 attendees. He usually plays the role of the hacker during the presentation, where he uses his energetic and enthusiast presentation style to captivate the audience’s attention. He strives to make the event as interactive as possible by engaging the audience both in the choices they make and during the overarching story. 

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