Dirk Cipido

Security Projectmanager, Ozoos

Dirk Cipido is IT channel sales and cyber security veteran with more than 20 year experience in selling security solutions in the Belux. In 2016 he started to work for Ozoos, a Belgian start-up bringing VEEZO (read Virtual Security Officer)- service to small and medium companies.  Dirk is a certified OSINT (open source intelligence) analyst and licensed private investigator.



Prevention, detection and response: A virtual security officer, a solution for the future?

Since the first days of computer crime, companies have tried to protect themselves by stacking layers of security tools. However, all these tools greatly make daily management more complicated by the need for expertise, technologies and increasingly human costs. The future must improve the quality of detection and remediation for all business sizes. This is all about adopting a virtual security officer as a service.

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