Workshop: A data breach inspired Role Playing Game by Approach

The  game 


Imagine… Your company doing its business as usual, everything is running fine. Until that fateful day. Something that was at first glance a simple user’s misuse turns out to  be a severe cyber incident. Be one of the actor of this real-life inspired dramatic scenario and learn how to sort it out!     

What you will learn
Based on real life  experience of our security experts, you will live from the inside a cyber incident and you will learn :

1. How to manage a cyber-security incident;
2. How to diagnose and escalate to a GDPR data breach incident;
3. How every role is expected to react, from the CEO, to the common employee;
4. What are the best practices when it comes to security incidents and GDPR notifications.

To register, simply indicate that you are interested by the game during your registration to the convention. 

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