The economics of penetration testing in the new threat landscape

Penetration testing has long been a tried and tested method to simulate attack against companies’ IT systems to find exploitable vulnerabilities before hacker does.
In this session we will turn penetration testing on its head and explain the economics of application security testing:

  • Why pen testing matters, when and how often should you do it
  • The true cost of pen test that nobody tells you
  • Pen test vs automated assessment
  • What a modern security testing should look like in the new threat landscape
  • How to get the best value your money (or budget) can buy from security testing
  • Now what? – how to map out plans once you reach significant milestones

  • Biography

    Barry has worked in the Internet and Cyber Security arena for over 20 years at a variety of vendors in technical expertise roles. This experience has enabled Barry to provide agnostic advice on security implementations across a variety of business sectors. Prior to joining Outpost24, he was worked for other leading vendors including 5 years at Fortinet and over 6 at Internet Security Systems (IBM). Based out the Outpost24 London office he continues to wealth of knowledge and experience to help customers achieve their Risk, Compliance and Cyber Security goals.

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